Modern Times Mod is a modification to Call To Power II, specifically being developed for the Apolyton Edition, taking advantage of the enhanced modding features and improved performance introduced by the Source Code Project.


  • Features

    Plenty of new units, advances, governments, buildings, and tile improvements; economic, diplomatic, strategic, and tactical improvements of the AI — and many more features.

  • Download

    Here you will find all downloads for MoT-Mod and its eventual by-products.

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MoT-Mod v 1.0 released

After having played the Mod for some while I find it quite enjoyable, although much more could and probably should still be done. I won’t have enough time to put any efforts into this any more, so I decided to provide the product for download as it stands. I leave it up to you to mod the mod to your taste as you like.
I am intentionally not opening another "forum" or "guestbook" here, because eventual feed-back — which will of course be appreciated — should imho go to the Apolyton Forum or the WePlayCiv-Forum.



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