Missile Cruiser
New Unit

Missile Cruiser



  • Advanced Composites


  • Bombards land and air units
  • Active air-defense
  • Can see and attack Submarines


The Missile Cruiser is the primary defensive ship of the Information age. It is capable of bombarding and defending against air units, as well as submarine hunting. Versatile and well-armed, the Missile Cruiser is essential for naval sorties.


Missile Cruisers are fully automated, and armed with the deadly AEGIS surface-to-air missile system, which gives it the ability to track and intercept incoming enemy aircraft and missiles. Enemy aircraft fear Missile Cruisers, and their search radars have power in excess of 300 million watts, capable of burning a hole in electronic systems that are not properly shielded. Used in the role of escort and defensive vessels, they screen carrier task forces and amphibious assaults from enemy ships and aircraft. In addition to their traditional five-inch guns, Missile Cruisers also carry batteries of Harpoon and Tomahawk missiles. These fully automated vessels of tomorrow are highly capable of intercepting and destroying enemy submarines, surface ships, aircraft, and missiles.