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  • Repeating Rifles


Modern age defensive unit


The Rifleman is the Modern Age’s defensive unit. Armed with his semi-automatic rifle, he is suited to strike forces as well as city Defense.


The developments in the 19th century of a spiral groove, or "rifling", inside the barrel of a gun, the elongation of previously round projectiles, and the creation of the repeating rifle caused the ascendancy of riflemen over musketeers. The rifle was a better weapon than its predecessor, with greater accuracy over a farther range than the musket. Riflemen were first employed in large numbers during the American Civil War, but proved their worth in the last engagement of the War of 1812, the Battle of New Orleans. American artillery and sharpshooting riflemen killed or wounded about 1,500 British soldiers, including the commanding officer, General Sir Edward Pakenham, while the Americans lost few men in the battle. The rifle gave a strong defensive advantage, since riflemen could fire several times while the attackers advanced. Riflemen held the advantage on the battlefield until the appearance of armored vehicles.