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MoT-Mod v 1.0

"Scenario install" for the Apolyton Edition

This is what I could achieve with this version:

  • all units, graphics, and sounds are included
  • most of the SLIC is finished and I think it’s probably the most ‘clean’ SLIC ever delivered with a Mod
  • all stringfiles are done and most of the Great Library is complete in either German or English. Both language folders currently contain some mixture of the two languages.
  • following EPW’s advice I disabled all parts of Diplomod that were intended to force the AI to interact diplomatically with each other (since this should be fixed by the Apolyton Edition anyway). The parts that are intended to make the AI consider their own diplomatic state are still in (and AFAIK have never been the source of any problems/crashes). I renamed the script to "diplomot.slc" in order to make clear it’s different from the original "Diplomod".

Changes since -1.0

Since the last “pre-alpha” (-1.0) version I added some more stuff and made some changes:

  • added “facilites.slc”: to make the AI build military facilities (forts, camps, airbases, barbed wire, and pillboxes)
  • added “science.slc”: should offer a small chance for AI and humans alike to obtain advances via trade-routes
  • added “nuclear.slc”: contains the basic functions to make missile silos work (basically like pillboxes for nukes: you may store your nukes there). I have added a couple of nulear strategies for the AI, but I did not yet teach them how to use missile silos — they will build them but they will not use them properly.
  • modified (hopefully improved) the "Better Settling" code once again.
  • I modified, optimized and “cleaned” some of the existing SLIC-scripts again, which may possibly improve performance here and there.
  • added tile improvements: pasture (food improvement for use on plains), factory (modern production improvement for use on tiles where mines cannot be built in this Mod: essentially all "plain" terrain)

Things To Do

I will try to continue to slowly complete the Great Library, to translate the whole strings database from German into English (or vice-versa, respectively), and to complete the documentation provided at this website.

There are still some minor issues I am aware of and I will try to take care of eventually.


The Mod requires a recent version of the Apolyton Edition since it uses the Scenario structure and it needs features like e.g. GovernmentOnly implemented.

Recommended Settings

Map size and players: I am not sure, but the game (Apolyton Edition?) doesn’t seem to like anything above a map size of 100 x 200, which I made the size of the “large” map (recommended number of players: about 16-18). “Gigantic” with this Mod would be 140 x 180 (number of players: about 23), the size I would really like to play, but I currently cannot recommend this size as it seems to inevitably crash the game after a few turns.


Just unpack the ZIP-archive to your Call To Power Apolyton Edition folder — the Mod comes as a scenario and may be started from within the game (no original files will be overwritten and does not require ModSwapper).

The Apolyton Edition currently does not support modified civilizations in a scenario very well, because it doesn’t update the list in the menu after the scenario has been selected. You will get the civ with the same “index” in the Mod as the default civ you selected from the menu.

Also, when starting the Mod as a scenario, some of the button graphics are messed up. When you save and reload the game, the button graphics are loaded properly.


MoT-Mod v 1.0
Scenario installation files for Call To Power 2 AE.
MoT-Mod TechTree
This document contains an overviev of the advances, units, buildings, and tile improvements that MoT-Mod comes with. Some of the values and wordings have changed, but it’s still a valid overview.

Start A Game

With the scenario version of MoT-Mod you may choose the Mod as a scenario from within the game:

New Game Screen
Scenario Selection Screen #1
Scenario Selection Screen #2