CTP2 Cradle

Cradle III plus

(+ Ultra-Gigantic Map, + Better Settling)

This is a version of Cradle III (Phoenix, Epic, 2300 AD) with bigger maps and Better Settling.

In the first place I just wanted to find out how hard it would be to convert an existing Mod into a scenario. Well, it needs some effort and I think that probably more should be done than I actually did with this version of Cradle (cleaning up SLIC, possibly removing workarounds that are no longer needed, making more use of the improved features of the Apolyton Edition — e.g. for unit updates ...).

Mod The Mod — What It Contains

However, this is what it contains:

  • modified: increased Large Map (100 x 200) and Gigantic Map 140 x 280 (as with MoT-Mod I cannot recommend ultra-gigantic with the current AE playtest version, as the game doesn’t seem to like anything above 100 x 200)
  • added: Better Settling SLIC
  • modified: government-specific units can only be built under the respective government, but they will not be disbanded upon government change (replaced GovernmentType by GovernmentOnly


Cradle as a scenario + Better Settling + Ultra Gigantic Map