Apolyton Edition

CTP 2 Apolyton Edition

Revision 1111 (12-Jun-2011)

The Apolyton CTP2 Source Code team proudly presents the Apolyton CTP2 Edition Revision 1111 from June the 12th 2011.

This new version focuses mainly on improving the AI, especially how the AI handles its oversea conquest with land and air transporters. A bug fix makes the AI also a little bit relaxed with enemy units that could be a potential threat.

We have also a few bug fixes and minor corrections.

The Apolyton Edition can be directly installed over CTP2 v1.0, v1.1, or v1.11.

If you found a bug please report here as much relevant information as possible. This includes how to reproduce the problem, an attached screenshot or savegame may be helpful. If the game crashes (terminates without user intention) then include a crash log. You can enable crash logging by editing your userprofile.txt (in Your CTP2 directory\ctp2_program\ctp\) to set EnableLogs=Yes. The log can then be found at Your CTP2 directory\ctp2_program\ctp\logs\crash.txt. Please do not attach the crash.txt to a post, instead include the content of that file in your post.

For further changes check out the change log in the readme.

Call To Power II Apolyton Edition
Revision 1111 (12-Jun-2011)
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