Cyber Ninja
Original Unit

Cyber Ninja



  • Cybernetics


  • Incites Revolutions
  • Spies
  • Stealing Advances
  • Plants Nukes
  • Stealth Unit


The Cyber Ninja is the zenith of espionage technology. Picking up where the Spy leaves off, it stealthily wreaks havoc on a target empire, Stealing Advances, Spying on Cities, Inciting Revolutions and Planting Nuclear Weapons in a city. It uses the combined skills of cracking, espionage and covert operations to complete its nefarious tasks.

The Cyber Ninja is the operative to call in for the “dirty work”. Remember, though, that even the best can be caught, and one will spark a diplomatic and political conflagration should his or her Cyber Ninja be discovered.


After the military developed an internal neural interface device, they began to test its uses in espionage. They implanted it in their spies, who could infiltrate enemy computer centers and “jack” into their systems to steal technology or spy. These “Cyber Ninjas” were supremely effective at completing their operations, and, by 2023, replaced conventional spies in espionage agencies around the world.