Eco Terrorist
Original Unit

Eco Terrorist



  • Ecotopia


  • Assassinates
  • Nano-Infects
  • Stealth Unit


The Eco-Terrorist is a nanotech-capable Stealth Unit that has a variety of Attacks at its disposal. It can Assassinate the leader of another nation, throwing the citizens into a panic and lowering the Happiness in a city. Even more devastating is its Nano-Infect attack, which releases a Nanite bomb that has a 30% chance of destroying each Improvement in a city.


The Ecotopian philosophy of radical environmentalism, comprised of a way of life that was most in harmony with nature, emerged as a full-fledged political movement in the early 22nd century. The Ecotopians sought not only to repair the damage wrought by centuries of unchecked progress but also to design a system of living that guaranteed the health of the planet by minimizing the human impact on ecologies. Ecotopians advocated the elimination, by any means available, of any systems that generated pollution. The Ecotopian Elite Guard was established in the mid 22nd century as a special wing of the Ecotopian National Guard. The Elite Guard, known by other nations as “Eco-Terrorists”, raided cities, detonating nanite bombs designed to take out antiquated fossil-fuel-burning power plants. Though their methods were controversial, they won many passionate adherents within Ecotopian nations. The Ecotopians invested heavily into military applications of nanites, and their reliance on stealth and mass destruction earned them few allies in the world community.