Empathic Diplomat
Original Unit

Empathic Diplomat



  • Eugenics


  • Establishes Embassies
  • Holds Receptions
  • See Stealth Units


The Empathic Diplomat is the product of the research field of Gene Therapy. Empaths are genetically engineered to read the emotional states of anyone they meet. As extraordinarily gifted communicators, they are perfectly suited to diplomatic relations.


As geneticists began to delve into the vast world of gene therapy and its many applications, they originally sought to eliminate the genetic roots of disease and deformity in humans. In the process of searching for the genetic roots of Alzheimer’s disease, geneticists discovered a way to increase the general use of brains. It was common knowledge that, at any given time, a human being only used between 10 and 30 percent of their brain for even the most intensive tasks. They engineered a gene that enabled a two-fold increase in brain use, which vastly increased specific capacities of certain parts of the brain. Unfortunately, they were unable to pinpoint and target a particular capacity or aptitude. Rather, children implanted with this gene would develop an unpredictable, but usually beneficial, new aptitude. Some grew to be towering intellects, master artisans and amazingly talented artists. A handful of people developed superbly heightened emotional capacities. These “empaths”, as they were called, found a place in the business and governmental realms as masters of conflict resolution and diplomacy. Endowed with the abilities to sense the emotional states of those they encountered, they were uniquely gifted in the art of negotiations, mediation and ambassadorship.

On October 24, 2095, 150 years to the day after the establishment of the United Nations, an international organization of Empathic Diplomats created the World Peace Center, dedicated to the preservation of peace and the pursuit of global harmony.