Original Units




  • Tank Warfare


  • Defends against Spies
  • Can only be built by Fascism government


Fascism thrives on unflagging dedication to the state and its ideals, no matter how destructive or extreme. The Fascist is the foot soldier of this zealous and fanatic regime, fighting with unmatched ferocity. No other Government type is able to build the Fascist unit.


The Fascist governments of Italy, Germany and Spain in the mid-20th century were distinguished by their zealous adherence to militaristic, authoritarian ideals. Fascist leaders, such as Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler and Francisco Franco, relied on strong military and state police forces to enforce order, seize and maintain power, root out dissidents and fulfill on their expansionist foreign policies. Whether state police, special forces or standard military, fascist soldiers exhibited a fanatical devotion to their role in the state. The de facto police state that proliferated in the three major European fascist states afforded the military and police huge powers over the lives of citizens. Fascists gained a reputation for violent, determined military action and a fanatical allegiance to their leaders.

Mussolini organized the Camicie Nere, or Blackshirts, to help him seize power and destroy the political and economic organizations of the Socialists in 1920. They attacked hundreds of Socialists, Communists, republicans and other non-fascist political organizations, murdering hundreds of people. On February 1, 1923, Mussolini transformed the Blackshirts into a national militia, the Voluntary Fascist Militia for National Security. They continued to act as the military and police arm of the Italian fascist state until Mussolini’s assassination in 1945.

In April 1925, Adolf Hitler established the Schutzstaffel (German, “Protective Echelon”) as a small personal bodyguard force. A black-uniformed elite corps of the Nazi party, the SS rose to power along with Hitler, garnering tremendous police and military powers. He also created a paramilitary organization known as the Sturmabteilung (German “Assault Division”). Known by several names - Brownshirts, Storm Troopers, the SA - their violent methods of intimidation played a vital role in Hitler’s rise to power. Perhaps most famous of the fascist military forces, the Gestapo (short for Geheime Staatspolizei, or “Secret State Police”) were the political police of Nazi Germany responsible for the elimination of opposition forces and dissidents within Germany. The ruthless, atavistic force with which the Gestapo operated was one of the most diabolical aspects of the Nazi apparatus.