Original Unit




  • Arcologies


  • Can Bombard Land, Sea & Air Units
  • Active Defense vs. Air, Sea and Land


Superior Attack, Ranged Attack and Defense capabilities, coupled with Active Defense abilities against all targets make the Leviathan the most fearsome and powerful land unit in the game. It is also capable of Bombarding all enemy targets - air, land and sea. Although it moves slowly, it more than compensates for lack of speed with its unparalleled destructive power.


Conceived by military strategists as the most effective defensive military craft in history, the leviathan was a product of multiple technological developments that occurred over the 21st and 22nd centuries. It derived powered from a massive internal fusion reactor and moved by way of an anti-gravity hover system. Its array of enemy tracking systems and arsenal of missiles, bombs, magnetic pulse guns and huge particle beam weapons virtually insured the destruction of targets, be they on land or in the air. The leviathan was not known for speed or maneuverability, as its sheer size and staggering amounts of armor all but completely thwarted the hover system’s ability to move it across terrain. It gained a reputation for being a perfect defender of cities, and, when stationed in or near a metropolis, the leviathan acted as a nearly impenetrable force, holding ground against legions of fusion tanks and hover infantry as it plucked aircraft out of the sky. The leviathan often comprised the core of an assault force, acting as a mobile command center, and, when accompanied by more maneuverable armor, infantry and air strike divisions, could secure strategic ground locations with a tenacity never before seen.