Mounted Archer
Original Unit

Mounted Archer



  • Stirrup
  • Only buildable by "American" and "Egyptian" cultures


Fast moving Ancient Age ranged unit


Speed and Ranged Attack capabilities make the Mounted Archer an effective Ancient Age unit. Better suited to support than direct combat, the Mounted Archer is an ideal unit to accompany Catapults and Knights.


The earliest armies of the ancient age used chariots to conduct high-speed attacks during battle. Chariots, however, were expensive, hard to maintain, and useless on broken terrain. The Mounted Archer proved to be a much more effective means of providing mobile firepower. Skilled horse-archers like the Mongols were able to strike with terrifying speed and disperse before their victims could mount an effective defense. Riding hardy, longhaired ponies, the Mongols were able to cover ground quickly and blaze across the plains of Asia with relentless speed.