Plasma Destroyer
Original Unit

Plasma Destroyer



  • Plasma Weaponry


  • Can Bombard Land & Sea Units
  • Anti-Naval Active Defense


The Plasma Destroyer is a powerful naval war machine. Gliding rapidly across the ocean, it automatically attacks any enemy naval unit foolish enough to enter its range. It can also Bombard enemy Cities.


The development of the plasma destroyer dramatically increased the scope, intensity and violence of naval combat. The plasma destroyer’s anti-gravity, hydro-hover propulsion system enabled it to traverse any large body of water at speeds of up to 45 knots. Although its hover system was not designed for moving over land, the plasma destroyer’s long-range bombard capabilities made it ideal as support for amphibious assaults, outclassing the battleship in speed, strength and firepower. Its considerable arsenal of particle accelerator beams and magnetic pulse guns delivered unprecedented levels of armor-piercing destruction. Second generation plasma destroyers utilized a long-range enemy tracking system that enabled it to actively defend against any naval threats.