Space Plane
Original Unit

Space Plane



  • Space Flight


  • Sub-orbital launch
  • Transports up to 6 units


The Space Plane is a long-range suborbital Transport vehicle. When launched from a city, it can Transport up to five units to any other city on the map. The Transport takes 4 turns to complete. Although not well suited to transporting short distances, the Space Plane is ideal if you need to quickly get units the other side of the map.


In 2047, scientists at the National Aeronautical and Space Administration launched the first orbital transport vehicle. Primarily envisioned as a commercial and industrial cargo and transport craft, it was designed to launch into orbit and touch down within a few days. Based on many of the design principles of the space shuttle, the Space Plane employed advanced composites to shield it against the friction and intense heat of atmospheric breach and fuel cell technology to propel its giant rocket engines.