Stealth Bomber
Original Unit

Stealth Bomber



  • Thermal Imaging


  • Can Bombard Land & Sea Units
  • Can carry up to 2 Cruise Missiles or Nukes


Because the Stealth Bomber is capable of evading radar, it is perhaps the most formidable air unit in the modern arsenal. It can Bombard from great distances and even carry up to two Nuclear Missiles.


Developed in the 1980’s and successfully tested during the Persian Gulf War, the stealth bomber was the second airplane to employ stealth technology in the U.S. Air Force. Named the "Spirit," it combined advanced composite materials and coatings to absorb radar signals and minimize detection. Although the B-2 had a vast range and could carry both nuclear and conventional armament, its $1.3 billion price tag made it a difficult expense to justify in peacetime.