Troop Ship
Original Unit

Troop Ship



  • Steel


  • Transports up to 12 Land units


Troop ships are the fastest naval Transport unit in the game. They can transport up to 12 land units at a time. Like most transport units, though, they have no Attack capabilities of their own and minimal defensive capacity. It is unwise to send Troop Ships fully laden into the open seas without proper escort.


Until the development of the internal combustion engine in the late 1800s, ships relied on sails and steam engines for power. Internal combustion engines, although not practical for extremely large ships, were ideal for smaller ships that could not necessarily cope with boiler rooms, which were heavy and required a lot of space. The "Vandal," built in 1903, was one of the first cargo ships to employ a diesel engine. The so-called "Liberty" and "Victory" ships were constructed to ferry American soldiers across the Atlantic Ocean to the front lines of the European theatre of World War II.