Assault Tactics
Renamed From: Advanced Infantry Tactics

Assault Tactics



  • Guided Weapon Systems
  • Automated Rifles



  • Mech. Infantry


The discovery of Assault Tactics makes possible the Mechanized Infantry, an infantry unit with strong attack capabilities.


Infantry have been the backbone of all armies since the invention of gunpowder weapons. However, as artillery, and later, armored vehicles became more and more powerful, the infantry increasingly needed their support to survive and thrive on the battlefield.. By the middle of the twentieth century, it was axiomatic among soldiers that "the artillery kills, and the infantry die". Advances in light automatic weapons, lightweight rockets, mortars, and other heavy weapons, and especially in advanced high-speed communications allowed infantry to recover much of its flexibility and lethality by the beginning of the 21st century. The US Army pioneered the concept of each individual infantryman having his own separate communications, position determining devices, and target acquisition imaging equipment. Combined with the newly lightened heavy weapons, like man-packed rockets, antitank missiles, and mortars, the new assault tactics emphasized heavy unexpected firepower combined with fast maneuver by foot infantry using modern stealth and ancient camouflage to "duck under" the longer-ranged and heavier mechanized forces.