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  • Immunization
  • Plastics



  • Access to other Advances


Modern chemical and medical forms of contraception form one of the intermediate Advances leading towards advanced Genetics.


Once humans began to master their environment and their food supply, the total world population has never decreased. By last half of the twentieth century world population was doubling every 20 years, and the total number of people on the planet was over 6.5 billion by the end of the century. The sheer weight of people threatened to paralyze governments, depleted natural and national resources, and by the 1960s led to predictions of Malthusian disaster. Controlling the increase in human numbers became a matter of survival for individuals and societies alike, and also a matter fraught with controversy. Biological and chemical science provided numerous types of proactive and retroactive contraception methods, with emphasis in research by the end of the century focused on long-term methods for both men and women. By the early 21st century the control of basic human numbers came to be seen as merely a gross form of genetic engineering.