Renamed From: Naval Aviation




  • Radio
  • Internal Combustion



  • Fighter
  • Airbase


Flight introduces the Third Dimension into warfare. The Fighter is the first air unit available in the game, capable of air defense and limited attack. Building Airbases extends the effective range of all your air units.


Man’s age-old dream of flying under his own controlled power was finally fulfilled in 1903 when the Wright brothers flew at Kitty Hawk. Within a few years many military staffs were incorporating air reconnaissance into their plans, and by the time world war one started in 1914 aircraft were used to supplement the traditional cavalry scouts by virtually all the European combatants. Early aircraft had extremely poor lift capacity, so the first combat aircraft were designed not to attack ground targets, but to attack other aircraft: to blind the enemy by controlling the skies and denying him air reconnaissance. By the end of world war one Pursuit aircraft firing a couple of machineguns and flying at up to 150 miles per hour was the most common combat aircraft. During the 1930s rapid advances in engine power, monocoque construction and monoplane configuration resulted in the classic Fighter aircraft of world war two. The single or twin-engine fighter was not only the arbiter of air superiority, by 1944 the allied Jabos, or fighter-bombers carrying bombs and rockets under each wing for ground attack, were a formidable threat to enemy ground units in their own right.