High Pressure Construction
New Advance

High Pressure Construction



  • Nano-Assembly
  • Space Flight



  • Scout Sub
  • Sea Engineer
  • Undersea Mines


High Pressure Construction allows deeper, faster, more comprehensive exploitation of the undersea parts of the world. The Scout Sub is a fast and effective underwater reconnaissance unit, while the Sea Engineer utilizes High-Pressure Construction techniques to create Sea Colonies. Undersea Mines utilize High Pressure Construction to increase Production on the ocean floor.


The first modern high-pressure construction devices were used in the 19th century: diving bells to recover wreckage on shallow coastal ocean and river floors and caissons to work on bridge footings under water. Severely limited by the inability of available materials to withstand extreme pressure, really deep underwater exploration and work had to wait until the late twentieth century. By that time the effects of pressure on the human body were better understood and techniques of submarine and space construction allowed deep-diving vessels to be built. The real quantum jump in extreme pressure construction and exploration came in the early 21st century, when nano-technology was applied to the construction of underwater machinery. By ’growing’ seamless containers and equipment in nano-assembly vats machinery and containment vessels of practically unlimited strength could be built. This opened up the deep ocean to major construction and exploration as the Genetic Age began.