Integrated Mobile Warfare
New Advance

Integrated Mobile Warfare



  • Assault Tactics
  • Robotics



  • Battle Tank
  • War Walker


Battle is always a product of technology and skill. Applying advanced industrial technology like Robotics to conventional ground warfare multiplies the effectiveness of all weapons and allows entirely new combat units to be built, like the assault Battle Tank and the supporting War Walker.


Clauswitz in the 19th century taught that war was an extension of politics, that military strategy and technique had to match the political goals of the state. Soviet strategic thinkers in the 1930s stated that the resources of the state, including industrial potential as well as manpower, had to be efficiently used to support the military, or the military could not succeed. The US military established an Industrial College of the Armed Forces to teach military officers how to integrate industrial support into military plans. Since, by the end of the 20th century, conventional war was synonymous with mobile warfare, industry was applied directly to the problems of mobile warfare. Civilian advances in computers, automated systems, lasers, and composite materials construction were used to vastly improve conventional weapons like tanks and artillery. The US M1 Abrahms battle tank of 1990, although only 20 years removed from the M60A1 of 1970 had twice the range and speed and a main gun with three times the effective range and power.