Molecular Synthesis
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Molecular Synthesis



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  • Matter Decompiler
  • Central Matter Decompiler


Manipulating individual molecules is one of the last steps towards complete control of physical matter. It makes possible the building of Matter Decompilers and the Central Matter Decompiler Wonder, which can reduce the by-products of intensive Production and Pollution in your cities.


Human technology has devised many new and different materials with desired properties. For most of human history, though, these new materials were merely variations on natural ones, and the desired properties were achieved by gross approximation or sheer guesswork. Even after advances in chemistry and physics brought an understanding of the "building blocks" of matter, the molecular structures, actual techniques for working directly with the basic structure simply did not exist. The advent of molecule-sized Nano-Assembly began to change all this. The initial nano-manipulators could only deal with macro-molecular structures, but the requirements of specialized undersea and outer space exploration and exploitation refined the processes. By the mid-21st century individual molecules could be manipulated and even redesigned at will using a combination of nano-technology, advanced chemistry and advanced molecular physics. The first major application of this technology was to clean up the many toxic byproducts of modern industry. Matter Decompilers became a fixture in every industry, literally "taking apart" the molecules of industrial waste and rebuilding them as useful ones.