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Naturalism can be economic: by building the Nature Preserve Tile Improvement you can increase the Commerce around your cities.

Fanatically dedicated to eliminating the detrimental impact of human beings on the ecology, Ecotopians are a particularly zealous group. Their empires inspire Growth, promote Scientific Research and a strong economy.

Ecotopians endow themselves with self-righteousness, and usually seek to wage war against nations that do not meet their severe environmental standards. Among their possible weapons is the Eco-Terrorist Unit.


The state of the world’s ecology in the 22nd century was reaching crisis levels. Beginning with the rise of the factory during the Industrial Revolution of 18th and 19th century Europe, the impact of human existence on other forms of life began to dramatically increase. Despite conservation movements and the development of nuclear power, fuel cells and fusion power over the next three centuries, the environment was still in danger. Species populations were in decline around the world, global warming had rendered coastal cities uninhabitable and the toxicity of the soil and water was mutating indigenous plants and animals. A new philosophy of radical environmentalism, comprised of a way of life that was most in harmony with nature, emerged as a full-fledged political movement in the early 22nd century. The Ecotopians sought not only to repair the damage wrought by centuries of unchecked progress but also to design a system of living that guaranteed the health of the planet by minimizing the human impact on ecologies.

Ecotopians advocated the elimination, by any means available, of any systems that generated pollution. Ecotopian strike forces raided cities, detonating nanite bombs designed to take out antiquated fossil-fuel-burning power plants. Though their methods were controversial, they won many passionate adherents and eventually began gaining political power in some of the major industrialized nations. Perhaps the most sublimely ironic aspect of the ecotopian philosophy was their reliance on the most recent technology - nanotechnology - to advance their agenda. Unabated technological process was the prime contributor to the world ecological crisis, and ecotopians sought to reverse the deleterious effects with technology itself.