New Advance




  • Criminal Code
  • Modern Medicine



  • Drug Rehabilitation Act


Progress towards understanding the planet as an entity and gaining a Science Victory starts with people understanding themselves. This advance is, therefore, a prerequisite for such a victory.

It also allows the building of the Drug Rehabilitation Act Wonder, which by decriminalizing drug use, reduces prison populations and Crime empire-wide.


Many people associate psychology entirely with Sigmund Freud, but the study of the human mind and how it works can be traced back to Classical Greece. Classical studies were almost entirely concerned with logical and rational thought, however: emotional actions and thinking were frequently consigned to the realm of Divine intervention. Modern psychological study had its origins in the development of psychoanalysis, which sprang from the development of hypnotism or ’mesmerism’ in the late 18th century. In 1882, using hypnosis, Doctor Josef Breuer of Vienna cured a patient suffering from severe hysteria by inducing his patient to relive memories that were causing the hysteria. Thirteen years later he and Sigmund Freud published "Studies in Hysteria" and Freud began to develop the methods that were the basis for modern psychoanalysis. In 1908 the first international conference or meeting of psychiatrists was held at Salzburg, Austria, and the new medical science began to gain widespread acceptance. In the 1970s and 1980s the entire field of psychology was transformed with the discovery that many changes in ’emotional’ status in the brain were caused by chemical changes. As understanding of the chemical nature of psychology expanded, the knowledge was increasingly applied to understanding chemical addiction, one of the major social and criminal problems of the late twentieth century.