United Nations Center
Renamed From: Global Surveillance Center

United Nations Center



  • Nuclear Fission



  • Establishes a Permanent Embassy in each foreign empire
  • Enhances Regard amongst other empires


The United Nations Center is an institution dedicated to the preservation of peace and harmony between all nations. Diplomats from around the world gather and, using special translation headsets, communicate with each other outside the bounds of language and nationality. The empire that hosts this wonder gains a regard bonus with all other nations, as well as a permanent embassy that never closes, not even in the event of war.


On October 24, 1945, an international organization of Diplomats created the United Nations Center, dedicated to the preservation of peace and the pursuit of global harmony. Representatives of every nation in the world convened regularly and, using specially designed headsets, could communicate without difficulty, regardless of native language. The event marked a turning point in foreign relations for many of the countries involved and several nations established permanent embassies with each other.