Attack Helicopter
New Unit

Attack Helicopter



  • Deep Battle Tactics


Can bombard land and sea units.


Attack Helicopters such as the Soviet Hind are used to bombard both ground and naval forces. They can also pinpoint detected submarines with an active sonar device they dip into the water while hovering overhead. Once a sub is located, torpedoes may be dropped into the water practically on top of the sub, to move in for the kill.


The first practical Helicopter design was developed in 1939. Helicopters have a distinct advantage over fixed-wing aircraft in that they can take off and land vertically. This makes it possible for helicopters to operate in many places that would be too small to accommodate a runway. Helicopters are used in civilian roles as rescue vehicles and by law enforcement agencies. All branches of the military utilize many different types of helicopters, from giant cargo and troop carriers to fast and maneuverable gunships used as air support for ground troop operations.