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  • Iron Working
  • Can only be built by "Roman", "Arab", "Castle", "Egyptian", "Palace" and "Balkan" cultures


Ancient Ranged unit


The Bowman is the successor to the Archer. Armed with an iron sword to complement his composite bow, the Bowman can attack from a distance or hold his own in direct conflict with stronger enemy units if he is supported by fortifications like City Walls. This makes the Bowman good for rounding out your attack forces and ideal for city garrisons.


Though no single civilization can lay claim to its invention, origins of archery can be traced back at least 40,000 years. The earliest bows consisted of a thin length of wood fastened with string or sinew at each end. Later, bows were made of several materials, including wood and horn glued together and reinforced with bands of sinew. The English longbow, made of wood from the yew tree, was famous in battle, helping win battles over the French at Crecy, Poitiers and Agincourt during the Hundred Years’ War. Other cultures employed the bow in war, hunting and recreational archery, including the Egyptians, Assyrians, Chinese, Goths and Mongols. Accounts of Renaissance-era European travelers indicate that the bow and arrow was the weapon of choice on virtually every continent.