New Unit




  • Hull Making


  • Can Transport two land units


The Coracle is the first naval Transport unit made available in the game and is, as such, integral to the expansion of your empire. It is capable of transporting two land units. It is not a ship suited to Deep Water travel, however, and must stick to Beaches and Shallow Oceans.


The Coracle is a boat native to ancient Wales and Ireland. Some coracles were round-bottomed skin boats, whereas others were akin to large, waterproof baskets, employing a framework of woven willow shoots. Although their light build made them unfit to survive as archaeological finds, evidence of skin boat and coracle use can be found in the iconographic representations of rock carvings at Kalnes and Gjerpen in Norway. Historians believe that skin boats like the coracle did not lead to significant steps in the evolution of boat construction, and more settled societies opted for more durable, timber-based boats for intercontinental exploration and conquest.