Dive Bomber
New Unit

Dive Bomber



  • Combined Arms


  • Can land on Aircraft Carrier
  • Bombards land and sea units


The Stuka is a German Divebomber designed to spread terror among its victims. The Stuka can Bombard land and naval units.

The Stuka must refuel by landing in Cities, at Airbases or on Aircraft Carriers.


The Junkers Ju 87, nicknamed Stuka, was the most famous Sturzkampfflugzeug (Divebomber) used by the German Luftwaffe in World War II. Stukas were fitted with a screaming siren to terrorize the victims of its deadly accurate attacks. It was very slow moving, with a maximum speed of just 210 miles per hour. The low speed was due to the armor plating installed to protect the pilot and gunner when flying low-level tank busting missions. The Stuka was first used by German pilots in the Spanish Civil War and then in the invasion of Poland and the Low Countries and France. Though outdated by the beginning of World War II, the Stuka was pressed into use anyway through most of the war.