I am providing two versions of MoT-Mod:

  • as a scenario with the advantage of being able to select and play the mod from within the "new game" menu without the need of an external utility like "ModSwapper" or "ModManager" and without the need of maintaining multiple installations of the game.
  • as a "complete install" with the advantage of avoiding certain remaining glitches of the Apolyton Edition, like messed-up civ-selection and (partly) messed-up button graphics.
  • CTP 2 Apolyton Edition

    Modern Times Mod has been developed for the Apolyton Edition, which you will need to play the Mod. Therefore I am providing the latest version here for download.

  • MoT-Mod v 1.0

    Scenario installation files for CTP2 AE.

  • MoT-Mod v 1.0

    Standalone installation files.

  • Other Downloads

    Other downloads — modded Mods, components, fixes etc. ...

  • Call To Power 2
    Please keep in mind that due to the specific license under which Activision has released the source code you will still be obliged to buy a (...)