Artillery Units

  • Antiair Gun 
    Prerequisites Requires: Combined Arms Abilities: Bombards air units
  • Artillery Gun 
    Prerequisites Requires: ExplosivesSummary Can bombard land and sea units
  • Cannon
    Prerequisites Requires: Machine ToolsSummary Can Bombard Land UnitsGameplay With its formidable Ranged Attack, the Cannon is a step above (...)
  • Catapult
    Prerequisites Requires: Geometry Summary Can Bombard Land Units Gameplay The first Ranged Attack unit to utilize the Bombard capability, (...)
  • Culverin 
    Prerequisites Requires: Cannon MakingSummary Bombards land and sea units.Gameplay With its formidable Ranged Attack, the Culverin is a step (...)
  • Howitzer 
    Prerequisites Requires: RoboticsSummary Can Bombard Land, Air & Sea UnitsGameplay The Howitzer is the most lethal Ranged Attack unit of (...)
  • Mobile SAM
    Prerequisites Requires: Integrated Mobile WarfareSummary Anti-Air Active DefenseGameplay One of the most potent anti-aircraft weapons in the (...)
  • Self-Propelled Gun
    Prerequisites Requires: Mobile WarfareSummary Can Bombard Land & Sea UnitsGameplay Artillery is the most lethal Ranged Attack unit of (...)
  • Siege Engine 
    Prerequisites Requires: Mechanical PowerSummary Bombards land units Gameplay The Siege Engine is the Medieval Age’s ranged unit. Historical (...)