Bombers & Transports

  • Bomber
    Prerequisites Requires: AerodynamicsSummary Can carry 1 Nuke or Cruise Missile Can Bombard Land & Sea UnitsGameplay The Bomber is the (...)
  • Dive Bomber 
    Prerequisites Requires: Combined ArmsSummary Can land on Aircraft Carrier Bombards land and sea unitsGameplay The Stuka is a German (...)
  • Jet Bomber 
    Prerequisites Requires: Supersonic FlightSummary Can carry 2 Nukes or Cruise Missiles Can Bombard Land & Sea UnitsGameplay The Bomber is (...)
  • Space Plane
    Prerequisites Requires: Space FlightSummary Sub-orbital launch Transports up to 6 unitsGameplay The Space Plane is a long-range suborbital (...)
  • Stealth Bomber
    Prerequisites Requires: Thermal ImagingSummary Can Bombard Land & Sea Units Can carry up to 2 Cruise Missiles or NukesGameplay Because (...)