• Advances

    MoT-Mod basically uses the tech tree of Wes Whitaker’s Med-Mod.

  • Civilizations

    100 modern civilizations & a couple of new city styles.

  • Economy

    Scripts and DB-modifications to help the AI improve their economy.

  • Historical Features And Events

    Script and DB-modifications to add historical atmosphere and possibly create historical events.

  • Interactivity

    Scripts and DB-modifications to make diplomacy a bit more interesting, and to make the AI react to changing diplo-strategic situations.

  • Strategy & Tactics

    Scripts and DB-modifications to improve the AI’s tactical abilities (make them move their armies a bit more intelligently).

  • Units

    Most of the units are already present in Wes Whitaker’s Med-Mod.

  • Various Features

    Various scripts and added materials to hopefully make the game a bit more interesting.

  • Wonders
    Like advances and most of the units, the new wonders have already been introduced by Wes Whitaker’s Med-Mod. I am still thinking about (...)