Historical Features And Events

  • Barbarian Cities
    This is an attempt to make good old barbs a bit more interesting and challenging in the later game: Upon certain player events a part of the (...)
  • Merge Civs
    Based upon the concepts and scripts proposed in the according Apolyton-thread AI civilizations will eventually merge, if the following conditions (...)
  • Monuments
    This is another “eyecandy”-script, which builds monuments on the player’s territory when he accomplishes certain features: Recapture of a City (...)
  • Visible Capitol
    The original purpose of this script was another bugfix to the game, where the AI forgot to build a new capitol when the original one was (...)
  • Visible Wonders
    This is just an implementation of The Immortal Wombat’s Visible Wonders script: "On the completion of certain wonders, a representation of them (...)