The tech tree of this Mod is more or less identical with "the best tech tree ever" — the one of Wes Whitaker’s Med-Mod. I am listing all new / modified advances here in order to provide a complete documentation (and in order to help myself with eventually completing and correcting the Great Library).

  • Agro Industry
    Prerquisites Requires: Explosives Crop Rotation Statistics Gives: Industrial Farms Gameplay By applying the same (...)
  • Aristocracy
    Prerequistes Requires: Nothing Statistics Gives: Noble Gameplay Aristocrats as a class were originally defined by owning (...)
  • Assault Tactics
    Prerequisites Requires: Guided Weapon Systems Automated Rifles Statistics Gives: Mech. Infantry Gameplay The discovery (...)
  • Astronomy
    Prerequisites Requires: Plough Statistics Gives: Granary Stonehenge Gameplay The next step in agriculture after the (...)
  • Automatic Rifles
    Prerequisites Requires: Combined Arms Plastics Statistics Gives: Modern Infantryman Gameplay Once machineguns were (...)
  • Automobile
    Prerequisites Requires: Internal Combustion Oil Refining Statistics Gives: Light Tank Gameplay Practical (...)
  • Chronometer
    Prerequisites Requires: Machine Tool Ocean Faring Statistics Gives: Ship of the line Gameplay Naval combat and (...)
  • Citizenship
    Prerequisites Requires: Jurisprudence Statistics Gives: Legion City State Gameplay Citizenship represents the concept (...)
  • Combined Arms
    Prerequisites Requires: Aerodynamics Mobile Warfare Statistics Gives: Ranger Dive Bomber Gameplay Combined arms (...)
  • Compass
    Prerequisites Requires: Gunpowder Joinery Statistics Gives: Cog Fisheries Gameplay The compass symbolizes the (...)
  • Composite Bow
    Prerequisites Requires: Nothing Statistics Gives: Archer Gameplay Archery dates back to the Stone Age. The Archer is the (...)
  • Conscription
    Prerequisites Requires: Flintlock Nationalism Statistics Gives: Grenadier Gameplay Conscription allows for mass armies (...)
  • Contraception
    Prerequisites Requires: Immunization PlasticsStatistics Gives: Access to other AdvancesGameplay Modern chemical and medical forms of (...)
  • Crop Rotation
    Prerequisites Requires: Mechanical Power Feudalism Statistics Gives: Advanced Farms Gameplay Crop Rotation is one of (...)
  • Currency
    Prerequisites Requires: Bronze Working Trade Statistics Gives: Bazaar Gameplay Currency provides for a vast expansion (...)
  • Decimal System
    Prerequisites Requires: Geometry Infantry Tactics Statistics Gives: Castle Gameplay The Decimal System of notation, (...)
  • Deep Battle Tactics
    Prerequisites Requires: Assault Tactics Supersonic Flight Statistics Gives: Attack Helicopter Commando Gameplay (...)
  • Domestication
    Prerquisites Requires: Horse Riding Bronze Working Statistics Gives: Light Cavalry War Elephant Gameplay Animals (...)
  • Electrification
    Prerequisites Requires: Explosives Telegraph Statistics Gives: Movie Theater Hollywood Gameplay The (...)
  • Electromagnetism
    Prerequisites Requires: Ocean Faring Physics Statistics Gives: Access to other Advances Gameplay The discovery of the (...)
  • Engineering
    Prerequisites Requires: Masonry Writing Statistics Gives: Fortification Arena Forbidden City Gameplay (...)
  • Equal Rights
    Prerequisites Requires: Socialism Psychology Statistics Gives: Access to other Advances Gameplay Equal Rights for (...)
  • Evolutionary Theory
    Prerequisites Requires: Age of Reason Modern Medicine Statistics Gives: Access to other Advances Gameplay The first (...)
  • Flight
    Prerequisites Requires: Radio Internal Combustion Statistics Gives: Fighter Airbase Gameplay Flight introduces the (...)
  • Flintlock
    Prerequisites Requires: Gunpowder Cavalry Tactics Statistics Gives: Musketeer Cavalry Gameplay Mechanical systems (...)
  • Germ Theory
    Prerequisites Requires: Chemistry Statistics Gives: Access to other Advances Gameplay Medical practice evolved from (...)
  • High Pressure Construction
    Prerequisites Requires: Nano-Assembly Space Flight Statistics Gives: Scout Sub Sea Engineer Undersea Mines (...)
  • Human Rights
    Prerequisites Requires: Age of Reason Nationalism Statistics Gives: Emancipation Act Democracy Gameplay The (...)
  • Immunization
    Prerequisites Requires: Pharmaceuticals Statistics Gives: Access to other Advances Gameplay Epidemic disease has laid more (...)
  • Infantry Tactics
    Prerequisites Requires: Bronze Working Statistics Gives: Hoplite Phalanx The Appian Way Gameplay The most (...)
  • Integrated Mobile Warfare
    Prerequisites Requires: Assault Tactics Robotics Statistics Gives: Battle Tank War Walker Gameplay Battle is (...)
  • Joinery
    Prerequisites Requires: Iron Working Shipbuilding Statistics Gives: Berserker Longship Gameplay Advances in wood (...)
  • Machine Tools
    Prerequisites Requires: Flintlock Military Engineering Statistics Gives: Cannon Gameplay Powered Machine Tools (...)
  • Mechanical Clock
    Prerequisites Requires: Mechanical Power Paper Currency Statistics Gives: City Clock Gameplay The development of (...)
  • Mechanical Power
    Prerequisites Requires: Feudalism Statistics Gives: Mill Siege Engine Gameplay The application of mechanical power (...)
  • Mega-Contruction
    Prerequisites Requires: Fusion Power Nano-Machines Statistics Gives: Leviathan Arcologies Gameplay (...)
  • Metal Working
    Prerequisites Requires: Nothing Statistics Gives: Warrior Spearman Gameplay The ability to work metal into tools and (...)
  • Military Engineering
    Prerequisites Requires: Cannon Making Mechanical Clock Statistics Gives: Bastions Battlements Gameplay From (...)
  • Mobile Warfare
    Prerequisites Requires: Repeating Rifles Automobile Statistics Gives: Stormtrooper Self-Prop. Gun Gameplay The (...)
  • Molecular Synthesis
    Prerequisites Requires: Naturalism Hi-Pr Construction Statistics Gives: Matter Decompiler Central Matter Decompiler (...)
  • Naturalism
    Prerequisites Requires: Equal Rights Conservation Statistics Gives: Eco-Terrorist Nature Preserve Ecotopia (...)
  • Nuclear Fission
    Prerequisites Requires: Rocketry Quantum Mechanics Statistics Gives: Nuclear Submarine Nuke United Nations Building (...)
  • Oceanography
    Prerequisites Requires: Computer Radar Statistics Gives: Drilling Platform Gameplay Oceanography begins the real (...)
  • Organized Religion
    Prerequisites Requires: Nothing Statistics Gives: Shrine Temple Of Karnak Gameplay Religion is one of the basic (...)
  • Paper
    Prerequisites Requires: Currency Writing Statistics Gives: Access to other Advances Gameplay Literacy was possible (...)
  • Paper Currency
    Prerequisites Requires: Paper Feudalism Statistics Gives: Pikeman Bank Gameplay Paper currency vastly expands the (...)
  • Perspective
    Prerequisites Requires: Theology Classical Education Statistics Gives: Basilica Gameplay Perspective signals a new way (...)
  • Plastics
    Prerequisites Requires: Global Economics Mass Transit Statistics Gives: Outlet Mall Gameplay Plastics made available (...)
  • Plough
    Prerequisites Requires: Nothing Statistics Gives: Farms Gameplay The Plough represents the complete transition from (...)
  • Psychology
    Prerequisites Requires: Criminal Code Modern Medicine Statistics Gives: Drug Rehabilitation Act Gameplay Progress (...)
  • Public Education
    Prerequisites Requires: Industrial Revolution Human Rights Statistics Gives: Public School Statue of Liberty Gameplay (...)
  • Radio
    Prerequisites Requires: Internal Combustion Telegraph Statistics Gives: Submarine Sonar Buoy Fascism Gameplay (...)
  • Repeating Rifles
    Prerequisites Requires: Corporation Conscription Statistics Gives: Rifleman Gameplay Replacing the first gunpowder (...)
  • Rocketry
    Prerequisites Requires: Radar Internal Combustion Statistics Gives: Mobile SAM Gameplay Although it leads to many (...)
  • Sanitation
    Prerequisites Requires: Germ Theory Industrial Revolution Statistics Gives: Sewer System Gameplay As Factories bring (...)
  • Silicon Chip
    Prerequisites Requires: Computer Nuclear Power Statistics Gives: Silicon Valley Gameplay The Silicon Chip and the (...)
  • Solar Power
    Prerequisites Requires: Conservation Statistics Gives: Filtration Plant Gameplay Another step in the cleaning up of man’s (...)
  • Steam Engine
    Prerequisites Requires: Physics Chronometer Statistics Gives: Ironclad Monitor Gameplay The first application of (...)
  • Steel
    Prerequisites Requires: Steam Engine Corporation Statistics Gives: Troopship Gameplay The discovery of Steel (...)
  • Stirrup
    Prerequisites Requires: Composite Bow Animal HusbandryStatistics Gives: Heavy Cavalry Mounted ArcherGameplay The stirrup allows very (...)
  • Telegraph
    Prerequisites Requires: Electro-Magnetism Statistics Gives: Listening Post Stadium Gameplay The telegraph makes it (...)
  • Thermal Imaging
    Prerequisites Requires: Int. Mobile Warfare Deep Battle Tactics Statistics Gives: Stealth Fighter Stealth Bomber (...)
  • Wheel
    Prerequisites Requires: Nothing Statistics Gives: Roads Gameplay When the wheel was adapted to improve transportation with (...)