Various Features

  • Advances Through Trade
    This small script gives the players (AI and HUMANs alike) the chance of obtaining advances via trade routes. This is just an attempt to give (...)
  • City Ruins
    In modern days destroyed cities will no longer just disappear from the map but their ruins will remain. If a city is destroyed immediately upon (...)
  • Missile Silos
    The concept of missile silos is similar to pillboxes: If you build the tile improvement "missile silo" the script creates a "missile silo"-unit (...)
  • Natural Wonders
    Implementation of The Immortal Wombat’s Mod: “This mod makes the world a little more interesting by adding up to 7 new features onto the map — (...)
  • Pillbox and Barbed Wire
    The original Invasion of France scenario code uses unit types unique to each nation as pillbox garrisons. In the present modified code the (...)