Modern Times Mod

Standalone installation

MoT-Mod v 1.0

Full Standalone Install

The features are exactly the same as in the scenario version. The only advantage of the "standalone" install consists in avoiding certain remaining, minor glitches of the Apolyton Edition, like not allowing for proper civ selection from a modified civ-list, and a little bit messed up button graphics.

I prefer using the scenario install, but I want to leave the choice to the user.


Unpack the ZIP-archive to the "Activision" folder within your programs folder.

Make sure to start a new game with the *.exe that sits in the "Call To Power 2 MoT" folder, not the one in the "Call To Power 2" folder (take care of your shortcuts!).



MoT-Mod v 1.0
Full standalone installation (including the Apolyton Edition).
Call To Power II End User License Agreement
MoT-Mod TechTree
This document contains an overviev of the advances, units, buildings, and tile improvements that MoT-Mod comes with. Some of the values and wordings have changed, but it’s still a valid overview.